Task group completion not calculated correctly

Hi, I have a task group containing 2 tasks. One is a task that last 1 week, and 1 is a milestone. Both of them have 100% completion. However the the task group does not show 100% completion, but only 13%. This is quite annoying. Why is this, and can it be fixed?

I came across a similar issue in MS Project - check the values in Effort Done as well as Completed

Thanks Nick, for some strange reason the issue seems to have resolved itself. Maybe quitting and restarting the program fixed the problem - I am not sure what happened but now the task group is marked as 100% completed even though I didnt change anything!

@MalcolmHLevitt Sorry for the trouble! I believe we’ve received a couple reports of this behavior. If you encounter it again, could you let our Support team know? They can be reached at omniplan@omnigroup.com. Thanks!