Task History and Trash bin and Command-Delete = Secure Editing


it would be nice to see the editing history of a task. In this case I could see possible changes I did to the task, so in this way I would be more safe from unwanted changes.
(Btw I am aware of und/redo and reimporting the old backup of OF.)
This function would give me more flexibility and security.

Also a trash bin (for deleted tasks) would be very useful also the possibility to delete tasks only with command + delete. All this functions make editing in OF more secure!
By the way Command-Delete has been implemented into Evernote and Fantastical for mac. Evernote also has a task-bin for deleted tasks

How is your opinion on “secure editing”

( I also sent these request to the OF-Support. Please also do it, if you want them to be implemented. Thanks!)

Am I the only one who thinks that at least (!) a confirmation message before deleting a task is not useful? (Fantastical for Mac and Evernote) integrated these functions after there have been huge requests by the community. I think if more people would write to the support we could change something.

I always run into paranoia that I might deleted something without even noticing it, since I am using two monitors and sometimes the focus is on omnifocus on the other monitor and I hit the delete key on the main monitor and I realize later that I actually deleted a task in OF i didn’t want to delete at all!

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For further discussions look here:

Also Ken wrote something about it: Where does a deleted item go? iOs or Mac

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