Task links just broke

I make extensive use of links - such as omnifocus:///task/il9ouXMpz0L - and, within the past few days, some of them have broken. I get a message: Unable to show linked items with unique identifiers or names: “nfT6MkvpmUG” There is no item with the unique identifier, etc. (this is a different broken link). I’ve been busy with other tasks, so I haven’t really even done any work in OmniFocus, aside from quick lookups here and there, but now some of them - not all - are broken. I just created a new one, and tested it, and it’s giving me the “unique identifier” error.

Any suggestions for cleaning up broken links?

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Interesting point of observation: I notice that when I use the same links in my OmniFocus iOS app, they work. I’ll have to check the link contents in the desktop version, though I know I haven’t changed some of these links: their entire point is read-only. Stay tuned.

Ok, that was it. The link contents got corrupted, somehow, but the link text was Ok. I manually edited the ones I commonly use and fixed those. Not sure how the link contents got corrupted, though. Anyway, problem “solved.” Or not really a problem, anymore. Everyone can rest easy.