Task Manager Jumping (the hamster wheel)

In reading through the blog there is a definite trend with a lot of us. We all hop from one task management app to the other on a pretty frequent basis. It’s a commonality with our personalities I find interesting. I find myself doing it all the time, just to come back to OF every single time. That is until Things gets an update, then I jump over there for a while but always come back. Like a hamster on a wheel, the rotation continues, cheers to all!

Why do you jump to other task management apps? I have used OF the last decade or so and never felt any need to switch task manager so I´m very curious on what you are missing with OF that make you want to change, sounds quite like a project to be honest. Cheers

Same here. Once I got to OF, stayed.
That doesn’t mean I did not read, look or try others, but never jumped or switch. Too much work, for no gain, IMHO.

The constant pursuit of the best method to manage my business. This forum is littered with people going through the same thing. And yes, it is time consuming but what I’ve found every-time is a better method to do things within OF.

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I try hard not to try others but it’s so interesting I can’t help it. I want to use things 3, I love everything about it and then I realise it’s considerable shortfalls feature-wise and I’m back with ‘old faithful’ Omnifocus!

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I used to do the same when a new flashy feature comes out. But then I just look at the flashy feature and figure out how it can be implemented in OmniFocus. With addition of Tags there should be no need to change at all.

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As a jumper myself, let me list a few reasons:

  1. Self-delusion. The feeling that THIS is the app that will fix my life.
  2. Some feature or feature set or another that attracts to another app. For Things, it was the ability to add tags and reorder lists. This feature may in reality not prove useful in real life.
  3. Listening to podcasts and reading blogs and getting caught up in enthusiasm for a new app. This is in part self-correcting - eventually the app you are already using will get an update and be the New Hotness.
  4. The opportunity to completely purge the to-do list and start from scratch.
  5. OmniFocus can at times seem too rigid. I said in the past that it really, really wants you to use GTD and Projects. If you’re someone like me who works out of two big task lists with a couple of small side-projects, OmniFocus can be frustrating.

#2 is being taken care of with Version 3. It’s looking like OF will have all the capabilities of all the others, and more. Same for #5 - although TBH I’m not finding OF as rigid this time around as I have in the past, and I’m wondering why I ever thought that.

Likewise, OF can handle #4 as well. Export into Taskpaper format, delete your whole database, and start from scratch. That should work in theory, right?

#3 is something you just have to ride out. Enthusiasm is infectious. Resist.

#1 is something I’ll probably carry with me to my grave. :)


Actually, it’s probably a lot easier to delete your entire database, then open up the most recent backup alongside and use drag & drop.

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@MitchWagner exactly, distracted by shiny objects. The things transition is easy too, just export/import. And #3 is a big one for me, just want to give the shiny new car a spin…

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I hope so, just wish they could have released the desktop / mobile editions a little closer together to full realize the benefits. Perspectives could be interesting with multiple tags, wonder how the desktop will handle that?

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