Task Notes in pane?

Hello everyone.

I just discovered that in the ancestor of OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, you can choose to view notes attached to an outline item in a pane at the bottom of the screen. Is there such an option in OmniFocus that I’m unable to find? Perhaps a hidden preference?

If not, there should be :-)

  • Mike.

Yes, it’s in the inspector. Very convenient.

Thanks, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. It’s close… but I find that it gets hidden all the other stuff that’s in the inspector. In OmniOutliner, it’s in its own panel that runs across the whole bottom of the page… when something shows up there, I see it instantly.

You may get used to looking bottom right once you’ve started using OF regularly.

Alternatively/additionally, you can (also) indicate the presence of text in the Notes box - e.g. by appending something like ‘OF_N’ to tasks which do have that extra text, to remind you to look at that part of the screen.