Task Notification OF3 Mac

In Omnifocus 3 for Mac I can not find the option to put a notification to remind me of a task. Is it not possible in OF Mac? Only iOS?

Other question: when I’m in OF2 for Mac, if I refreshed I could see if the update was finished because there was a circle that was spinning. Does not this exist in OF3? If I update, I don´t know when synchronization has finished.

The last question, when has OF3 Mac translated to other languages?

Thank you!! ^^

P.D: I waited that OF3 had any physical change, but it´s look same OF2… not?

Correct, notification support isn’t in 3.0, but seems to be planned for an early feature update.

If you customize your toolbar, you can drag the sync button back on to it.

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Thank you Deaghean!! ^^

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I wondered if it was my computer or if the update had still not been made?
Can you please confirm that it has not been settled yet? And when will it be arranged?

Background notifications are still in the works, see the update by @Kcase in Omni Roadmap 2018 — Q4 Update

So what’s next?

If you review our January roadmap and this year’s blog posts, you’ll see that we’ve shipped a lot of the things we’d planned—and a number of things we didn’t. But we’re not done with 2018 yet!

And the OmniFocus team is working on adding support for background notifications on Mac.

The for target for background notifications thus seems to be before December.

The translation of OmniFocus 3 for Mac in other languages was in the release of version 3.1 ( released on approx.15 October 2018)