Task to be done once every two weeks on any of three days

I have a number of tasks that I can do on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, and when it’s done I will need to do it again two weeks later, only once, on any of these three days. So I tried to set it up as a task that repeats every 2 weeks and have highlighted the three days I want on the week picker. Repeat is set to Assigned Dates.

What happens is that if I do the task on a Tuesday, it appears again the next day, which isn’t what I want. If the task is done for the week, it should be sent to Tuesday in two weeks.

I do understand that what I have set up can be seen as wanting to do that task three times a week, and not just once on any of those three days, every two weeks, so what OF3 does is quite logical.

I don’t see how to set things up to do what I want, except to set the repeat to Tuesday only and if it’s done, it will show up on Tuesday two weeks later. If it isn’t done, I’ll have to defer it to Wednesday and again to Thursday. If it isn’t done even Thursday (obviously for a good reason…), then I’ll have to decide if I defer it again to the next week or just skip an iteration and send it to two weeks later.

Any ideas?

If you set the task to defer to Tuesday, (no due date) then it appears every other Tuesday, you can choose to do it or not, it will just sit there nagging you to do it until you decide to actually complete it…

If you wanted you could put a due date of Thursday as well but I try to avoid due dates unless I absolutely need them.

You could also change the tasks title to “Consider doing X” a small thing but you can check it off without doing it with good conscience if you have actually considered whether you need to do it. It sounds like playing with words but strangely it does keep your faith in the system by having actually done what the task told you needed doing.

For example I have a “Consider getting the car valeted” every Thursday, but sometimes if its raining it’s pointless, but at least I do consider doing that task every week.

I also use due dates only when they are really needed.

Your suggestion is close to what I would like, except that I’m not used to letting things that are deferred recede to the past if I still plan to do them.

When I review my stuff in the evening or the morning, if something that was deferred to today wasn’t completed, I’ll always defer it again, to the next day or to the next week or whatever. What I was hoping for was something automatic.

When a task, with no real due date, can be done only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, I am looking for a way to have it go automatically to the next day if it isn’t done, and go to the next week if it isn’t done by Thursday. If it is done, it must go to either the next week on Tuesday, or to the Tuesday in two weeks (depending on the task). This is obviously a bit too much to ask. So I’ll just have to continue deferring manually.

I sort of like the “Consider doing” idea. I would have to check it off as complete only at the end of the three days if it isn’t done. It would be true as I would actually have “considered” doing it.

I use defer and due.

For me, that means that form one date (defer) to another (due) something must be done.

I also nice to use when I’m giving tasks to my workers: due - is the mark of deadline for them and “defer” - is the mark for me to ask is everything okey with the task. In that case usually I put “defer” 2 or 3 days before the deadline.

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