Task with defer date to Forecast

Hello everyone,

I invite you to take a coffee while you read this :)

I want to say to you the workflow of a student I’m using (beginner OM2).
I am using the following views:

Forecast: I check tasks by date of deferments are coming to forecast + overdue tasks (occasional use in very important action) and marked those that want to do on that day, if there are tasks due date also mandatory framework because it has to become).
Today: I have personal project University + folder with several projects (each project for each subject). I have all marked tasks and maturing
Work: to choose some actions of the school day, put it as marking what I’m going to study or do.
Waiting: I have actions pending with @waiting context, and as a project Waiting List
Completed: the end of the day I like to look at what I’ve done.
Projects: projects of all kinds, staff, university, perform daily review, conduct weekly review …
Review: look at least once a week.

Nonfunctional bad, but when I finish my day, postponed tasks in forecast disappear when its end date and need not disappear from the forecast.

What do you think? How I could fix that last? Any suggestions?