Taskpaper and OmniFocus 3

I routinely use Workflow for iOS to ‘defrost’ templates from within OmniFocus. Part of the process involves outputting from OmniFocus to Taskpaper format, modifying this using Workflow, and then adding it back into OmniFocus.
Is the Taskpaper format compatible with multiple contexts/tags? Does anyone know not only whether it will work, but whether this is already something it is capable of at present?

Right now the taskpaper format for OF3 allows you to have @tags and @context. Multiple tags work perfectly in my experience.

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Good to hear! It just occurred to me and I didn’t see anything about it on Google. Thanks!

Just to add (since I hit this too and wasn’t sure if you needed multiple instances of @tags(...)), you can create an action or project in OF3, copy it, and paste it to somewhere like Drafts to see the generated TaskPaper format.

In this case, comma-separate the tag names:

- Test action with multiple tags @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @context(Investigate) @tags(Investigate, Work)