Taskpaper/New Project to Subfolder Question

I am using Taskpaper (via Editorial on iOS) to create new projects via a template, but have run into one problem I cannot seem to figure out. I would like to put the new projects into a specific existing subfolder that is named “Work”. Here is what I have so far (tasks within the project are irrelevant and I’m giving a few by way of example only):

<><> @ parallel(false)
Send Acknowledgement@context(TB)
Confirm DOS@context(TB)
Calendar Due Date@due(<>+30d)@defer(<>+20d)@flagged@context(TB)
. . . (remaining tasks not included)

Any help or direction you can provide to get get the new project to be saved to the “Work” folder would be greatly appreciated. The template works fine, but the new project is created outside the folder hierarchy.

Thank you.


Note: For clarification, the double <'s did not appear in the example above for some reason.

Hi Tim! I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a way to set a target inside the TaskPaper template itself, but it can be done at the level of the URL you use to pass the template from Editorial to OmniFocus.

You’ll need to select your Work folder inside OmniFocus and do “copy as link” first, because you’ll need to put the path of that folder into the URL in your workflow, and folders have funky unique identifiers in the URL scheme, unlike Perspectives, which just use their plain text names.

In the “Generate Text” step of your Editorial workflow where you put the encoded text into an OmniFocus URL, you’ll set it up like this:


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You can just use the name of the folder in the path. target=/folder/name%20of%20folder&content…

Oh, I’m glad that works, too. Personally I’d still prefer to use the unique ID, since I’d be able to rename the folder without breaking my workflows, but thanks for letting me know that’s possible!