Taskpaper > OmniFocus on Mac?

I see that iOS version is getting some interesting Taskpaper > OmniFocus import and export capabilities. I wonder if there are existing scripts to do the same on the Mac. I am aware of Rob Trew’s script for Taskpaper import, but it no longer seems to work with current versions. It does not import projects and the hierarchy is messed up:

Taskpaper Project:
    - task one
    - task two
    - task three
OmniFocus output

Taskpaper Project
    - task one
        - task two
        - task three

In other words, the script makes tasks children when they shouldn't be and does not create projects, only tasks.

Has anyone updated this script? Or are there plans to re-create the iOS task paper functionality on the Mac?
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The Taskpaper support is currently for iOS only. I can’t speculate about the future, but I do know it isn’t on the Mac side as of our latest release, version 2.5.1. I agree that it would be useful. :)

It would be so useful. I’ve always wanted to have the ability to define a template with various dates and offsets to them (long story). Anyway, I got so happy when I saw that the iOS version would get TaskPaper import support that I wrote some code to create TaskPaper projects based on a template. Since I’m mostly using OF on OS X I would really like the ability to import this on my laptop.

Pretty please.

+1 on this. With my taskpaper templates in dropbox, I should be able to feed them to Omnifocus whichever platform I’m on…

The two should converge.

You can paste taskpaper into OF now, but the thing I really need is to be able to replace «tag» in the taskpaper - so I can reuse my iOS templates on OSX. Ideally, I’d be able to set up something like ‘launcher’ to make it a ‘click to instigate’ type of situation.

In an ideal word, OF would natively understand the format used in iOS, be able to read the .taskpaper file and would do the same as the editorial/python iOS solution, and I’d be able to assign a button to my OF menu to initiate it all.

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I made a Keyboard Maestro macro for this loosely based on the Targeted OF Templates Workflow workflow by Joe Buhlig.

UPDATED (2017-05-18): I made it deliberately prompt the user to select a destination in OmniFocus.

Download the macro [here] (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey6fqnors9m9dkn/Targeted%20OF%20Templates.kmmacros.zip?dl=0).

Here’s a screenshot of it if you want to code it yourself:


I shall have a look at that, thanks…

If there is a demo of keyboard maestro that I can try this with, there will be a sale.

Its a bit of a shame their OF doesn’t understand any template format with fields to complete ‘natively’ in either OSX or iOS - but this should be a decent patch.

I’ve got that in - amended the folder name to the right path, but now it goes to OF and does nothing.

Looking at it, I think I need to specify which template to use (in ‘taskpapertemplatefilepath’)

Is there a neat way to say 'search for all files in this directory with the pattern *.taskpaper and give me a list to choose from?

… and I’m not clear on taskpaperTemplateFilePath vs taskpaperTemplateFileRaw

Right, I should have explained it more. :p

After all the work of finding the template and replacing the values, all it does is copy the processed template to the clipboard. You need to select the destination folder and paste.

I’ll work on creating a version that prompts you for the destination folder and pastes it in for you.

Re: the difference between taskpaperTemplateFilePath vs Raw:

  • The file path variable says where the TaskPaper template is located (it’s just a file name).
  • The raw variable is the actual content of the template in that file path.

Leave those fields empty; the macro will take care of filling those in. (I added those variables at the top in order to clear the values out, because I was having problems with them being sticky across invocations.) The macro will prompt you for the right file each time its run.

Updated the macro. Removed the confusing file path and raw variables from the top of the script.

Now the macro will prompt the user to select a destination in OmniFocus and do the pasting for you once you confirm it’s selected.

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Thanks for the update - I shall try it soon.

This is what I just settled on (I changed my extension to *.txt so that Workflow on iOS would read the same templates)

I have a Python script that does the substitution:

#encoding: utf-8  
from os import listdir, chdir, getcwd  
from os.path import isfile, join  
import re  
import codecs  
# Needed for clipboard  
import subprocess  
# Change this as needed  
template_dir = "/path/to/Omnifocus Templates"  
template_ext = ".txt"  
def write_to_clipboard(output):  
        """ Sends a string to the clipboard"""  
        process = subprocess.Popen(  
                'pbcopy', env={'LANG': 'en_US.UTF-8'}, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)  
def read_from_clipboard():  
        """ Read a string from the clipboard """  
        return subprocess.check_output(  
                'pbpaste', env={'LANG': 'en_US.UTF-8'}).decode('utf-8')  
def inputNumber(message,max):  
        while True:  
                valid = False  
                while ( not valid ):  
                                userInput = int(input(message))  
                        except ValueError:  
                                print ("Type a number")  
                                valid = (0 <= userInput <= max )  
                                if valid :  
                                        return userInput  
                                        print("Choose from above options")  
old_dir = getcwd()  
        dirs = listdir(getcwd())  
        print("\n"+"Here are the templates that you have available:"+"\n")  
        filelist = []  
        for file in dirs:  
                # Only show taskpaper files  
                if template_ext in file:  
                        # Remove the file extension  
                        file = file[:ext_len]  
                        print(str(n).rjust(4) + ".   " + file)  
                        n += 1  
        print("\n" + str(n).rjust(4) + ".   Exit")  
        choice = inputNumber("\n"+"Which template? : ",n)  
        if (choice<n):  
                filechoice = filelist[choice] + template_ext  
                print("\n" + "Using template " + filechoice)  
                f = codecs.open(filechoice,encoding='utf-8')  
                known_placeholders = set()  
                placeholders = []  
                fields = []  
                for line in f:  
                        # Find placeholders  
                        for placeholder_match in re.finditer(u"«(.+?)»", line):  
                                placeholder = placeholder_match.group(1)  
                                if placeholder not in known_placeholders:  
                                        fields.append({'type': 'text', 'title': placeholder, 'key': placeholder})  
                if len(placeholders) == 0:  
                        print("No template placeholders were found")  
                        for item in placeholders:  
                                question = "What should I use for «"+item+"» ?   "  
                                value=input("\n" + question.rjust(50))  
                        counter = 0  
                        for item in placeholders:  
                                item = "«" + item + "»"  
                                templ = [t.replace(item,replace) for t in templ]  
                for item in templ:  
                print("Copy the following and paste it into Omnifocus")  
                print("--------NOT THIS LINE-------------------------------------"+"\n")  
                print("\n"+"--------NOT THIS LINE-------------------------------------")  
                print("You should find that the output is already in the clipboard")  

I initiate this from the terminal prompt with a script called ‘omni’


cd ~/path/to/'Omnifocus Templates'

python3 omni.py

Keyboard Maestro has two entries:

‘Activate Terminal’ and ‘Insert Text by Typing’ (text inserted - omni and carriagereturn’).

It may be a little clunky, but it does the immediate job - I’ll implement your update as well and compare.

I’ve said it before, but It’d all be a lot nicer if Omnifocus understood the template format and all we had to do was point it at the directory!

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That works very well, thanks - had to edit the applescript a little because of my extension change, but its very nice. Thank you.