Taskpaper syntax for project not possible?

Hi all

im very new to omnifocus and learning a lot day by day (and loving it while doing so 🙂))

today i set out to explore the task paper syntax and realized so far that there isn’t no syntax for projects. Im i correct in that? How does one deal with importing tasks with the syntax and assigning projects?

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The format is really simple, a project is the first entry, no indentation
To add Tasks in the project just indent the next line

Something like:

  • Groceries @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Eggs
    • Lettuce
    • Milk

For more info you can check these out



The easiest way to learn I think is create a project the way you want it to be in OmniFocus and export is as taskpaper (or drag & drop) to a text editor.
That should show you every detail needed.

thx! Really appreciated @Janov

i was actually wondering how to send a new task to a current project within a folder

so let say add to folder shop and project Groceries task ice cream via the task paper synatx. Does that make sense?

thx so much


On MacOS or iOS?

MacOS: you can use a script to do that
iOS: You can use Shortcuts to insert actions at the right place.

And right now I think you can do it using Javascript for both platforms

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