Taskpaper template plugin not working for me

I found the plugin that is on this page: https://omni-automation.com/omnifocus/plug-in-import-icloud-taskpaper.html and it looks perfect for my needs, but I am not sure what else is needed to set it up. I have chosen my home folder and ensured it is correct by adding an alert box after setting the username and confirming it is correct. I also added an alert box to see that the full path it is looking for taskpaper files is correct. So I see that it is looking in a directory that has a single file named stream.taskpaper with a document in taskpaper format.The script works as is on ios, but on the mac it cannot find any files.

So what else is needed to get this to work?

Ahh, using the tool precize from https://eclecticlight.co/taccy-signet-precize-alifix-utiutility-alisma/ i see that the taskpaper fileidentifier is not com.taskpaper.text but com.hogbaysoftware.taskpaper. Updating the script to use that identifier and it all works. But I wish I could select by file extension instead of the hidden value type identifier, because now it no longer works on ios.