Tasks due/overdue number not rolling down to projects in folder in the list view

Folders show numbers of tasks due with a number in a box but when you expand the folder, the box and number does not show next to the project. I think this is a bug, albeit minor.

Hmmm… This is working for me. Could you provide more specifics? Perhaps a screenshot and/or an anonymized copy of your database? (It may be easier to email them to omnifocus@omnigroup.com)

It is happening in a perspective view. In fact in “Changed” perspective, the due boxes are not visible.

Okay, I’ve reproduced the issue with the project in a folder in a perspective not getting a badge, and we have a bug filed for that. Do you also want to add badges to context-based perspectives?

As a matter of consistency, yes. I mean if you see badges in one perspective, you expect to see it in another. And it is useful