Tasks duplicating themselves. (MailDrop? Sync?)

Yesterday I forwarded a message from my Gmail account to my mail drop address. It worked as expected. And then kept on working.

Before I could process the item out of my inbox, I noticed another had shown up. After doing some work and coming back to OF a few hours later, there were now three copies. At the end of the day, I deleted all but one, and left that one in the inbox.

This morning, I woke up to two copies of the item in the inbox. So I’ve deleted one and processed the other. We’ll see if it shows up again.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m thinking a MailDrop or syncing issue. Thoughts?

I know our sync servers have had a few rough days lately. It’s possible that the timeouts caused a message to get retried a few times after it actually succeeded.

Anyone else seeing this?

@brentajones Please let us know if this keeps happening.