Tasks sent from email and what appears in the notes field

Hi All,
I’m using OF2 on one Mac (with Sierra) and OF3 on the other (Mojave), and have discovered an important difference between sending emails to create tasks. In OF2, the addresses are included, while in OF3, it’s just the message. I get that not everyone wants all the junk at the beginning of a message. But a lot of times, I’m sending myself reminders to respond to someone’s email. This now means I can’t really delete the email or I need to cut and paste the address from the email to the notes field so I have it. Is it possible that I’ve missed a way to select a fuller email that includes the address?

That is strange, my OF 3 shows addresses as well in the notes field.

I finally figured it out! If you forward to OF, you get all the stuff. If you bcc, you don’t. I can live with that!

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