Tasks within Action lists/ projects do not inherit repeat functionality

If I set an action list with nested tasks with a repeat time, the nested tasks do not inherit the repeat time. Is this intentional? I would like the nested tasks to be able to inherit the parent attributes.

Or is there something I am missing?

Hi @n0b00de! Good question.

If you configure a group to repeat, then when you complete that group, OmniFocus will set up a repeated copy of that entire group, including all the nested tasks. This is useful for well-defined lists of actions that all happen together more than once, but requires that you mark the entire group complete before anything repeats.

If you’d like individual tasks to repeat, you’ll need to configure the repeat settings on each of those tasks separately. Hope that helps, and thanks for using OmniFocus!

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@tekl Awesome! Thanks for the response.

Hey @tekl I tested your solution this week and set the Action list to repeat everyday and then completed all actions inside; however the tasks did not reload upon completion. I had to manually readd. Does this only apply to projects and not action lists?

This applies to action groups and projects equally. Did you try completing the action group itself? Checking off the item that has the repetition is what causes OmniFocus to make a new copy of that item and all of its children.


This is the Action list and I do not see a bubble that is able to be marked as complete. This is OF3 btw.

Ah, I see! Sorry, I wasn’t quite understanding — those lists are usually called “projects,” and I got thrown off.

You can complete that project using the Inspector, by changing its Status to Completed, or by right-clicking it and choosing Completed from the Status submenu.

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