Technical (inner) workings of OmniPresence

Hello All,

I would kindly ask to be directed to the technical documentation of the OmniPresence sync mechanisms and security aspects of the remote (WebDAV server) document storage, if there is any.

Or, alternatively, could somebody explain if there is any kind (and details, if possible) of data encryption at rest on the own WebDAV server? When briefly looking at the file/folder structure on server, there are some nicely suspicious “gpg…” files and folders in the “.com.omnigroup.OmniPresence” container. I would really welcome such details as some sort of viable encryption would be highly beneficial, namely, I am fairly interested in math, crypto, security and privacy in general.

Many thanks!

Hi! Omni doesn’t maintain any formal documentation about the sync used in OmniPresence, in part since it’s based on the WebDAV protocol defined publicly elsewhere.

OmniPresence also doesn’t encrypt files at rest on the WebDAV server. While I can’t recommend spelunking around in the OmniPresence container on the server (due to the risk of corrupting your data), you’d notice if you opened some of the files there that they’re plain copies of your original data, simply renamed.

As for the gpg prefixes, my guess is that those are simply randomly-generated unique identifiers that OmniPresence uses to distinguish files internally.

If you need encryption for your on-server OmniPresence data, there are plenty of resources around that detail how to set up your own WebDAV server; you could do so on an encrypted disk or similar. Furthermore, OmniPresence supports SSL, so your data can be secured in transit.

I hope that helps!