Teiki's Solarized Themes

Anyone made a Solarised theme yet?

working on it, might finish it this weekend.


Hey @Teiki, how’s the Solarised theme going? (also praying for a dark version)

@codysan There’s another thread with a Solarized Dark Theme by @copper here, so that might be what you’re interested in. :)

solarized light and dark

dark theme

light theme

Here you go, thanks for the kind reminder for building that thing :-)

It’s based on the brilliant color palette of Ethan Schoonover

Hope you all enjoy it!


How does one go about installing a plain text file theme into OF2?

i’m not shure what you mean?
An OF style that looks like a plain text file? -> This seems an interesting idea :-)
Or a Stylesheet with a .txt extension?
If you mean the later one, just rename the file to .ofocus-style…

Hope this helps

apologies. I downloaded the zip files and it worked. the solarised dark theme is pretty cool.

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