Template Management Needs Reworking

Does anybody else find template management for OmniOutliner to be much more difficult than it should be?

While the Resource Browser should be a solution, it doesn’t work neatly with OmniPresence and getting those templates on OmniOutliner for iOS.

I constantly feel like I’m fighting the software when I try to create templates that are accessible everywhere.

Has anybody developed a sure-fire approach to this problem?

I really think there needs to be a design rethink as to how this works across the various platforms.

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Agreed. I’ve had similar issues.

As of version 4.4, you can add arbitrary folders to the Resource Browser to view templates from it. This is how you can add your templates saved in an OmniPresence folder. You can read more about this in the “Linking Template Folders on your Mac to OmniOutliner” section of https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omnioutliner/mac/4.5.2/en/using-the-resource-browser/
Due to sandboxing requirements, we must get your explicit permission to access locations outside of the app’s container so we can’t automatically pull in OmniPresence folders.

Hope this helps.