Template marked dropped - restoring single projects from archive

This is my Problem:
In the need of creating Templates I came up with a routine of marking project-templates as dropped projects, since then they wouldn´t, be in the way of my weekly review.
Now, I ended up trying to use one of the templates didnt´tfind them because they were archived…
I openen up the archive and tried to pull them into the curent database…
that wouldn´t work…
Is there anybody that can give me good advice on that…
thanks in andvance.

Hi Bijan,

If you view all, you might try to copy and paste to get them into the current database using the following method.

  1. In your current database: View all in Projects (click the icon that looks like an eye, choose
    “All” and then save).
  2. In the opened archive: Select the Opened Archive project in the sidebar and copy.
  3. In your current database: Select a project in the sidebar in your current database and paste.
  4. In your current database: Move status of project to Active again.

If you see any errors or this doesn’t work for you, please let us know. Support is often able to help if something has gone unexpectedly in the archive.