Template Project hide in Today

I would like to know if there is a way to hide some project in Today?

For e.g. those template or some project sorting as “Todo Someday”.

Because for self management, too much things in Today is not good for “Focusing”.


On the Mac (Pro), you can use View > Focus… (⇧⌘F) to focus on specific folder(s) or project(s). When you switch to the Forecast perspective you’ll only see tasks contained within what you’re focused on. You can also defer or put on hold projects/actions that you don’t want to see in Today. For example, it generally makes sense to put things to do someday on hold (or even keep them outside of OmniFocus).

On a side note, I tend to work from custom perspectives (Today, Hot List, etc.) instead of using the Focus perspective. This gives me more control over what shows up and how the tasks are grouped/sorted. On the Mac, I also find it very helpful to use the tags in the sidebar to dial in the list. For example, if I select my custom Hot List perspective, I can click on “Phone” to see all of the important tasks that are phone calls.

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