Template Script For OmniOutliner

I’m new to outliner and am looking for a script similar to the template script written by Chris Sauve for Omnifocus. I have several checklist templates that aren’t a good fit for omnifocus that I’d like to be able to quickly duplicate and do a find and replace on some key variables within Omni Outliner.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m sure you know about this, but I’ll tell you and give you a bump at the same time.

Until that kind of functionality is created via AppleScript (Suave’s scripts look quite complex), you can save any open OmniOutliner document as a template through File>Save As Template. Then, while not automated, ⌘-F opens the search dialog which has a replace feature that you can run over your document.

There is also a cool script from @DrLulz which highlights any rows which contain the search term.

I’ll take another look at Suave’s scripts to see if there is anything comparable.