Templates are still a thing right?

After a bit of searching I thought I’d bring the topic back up again: Templates.

My Todoist subscription just ran out and in the weeks leading up to it I’ve been using both in parallel trying to determine which has the easier work-arounds. I do most of my projects on a windows computer for the company I work for. I could go on forever about the pros and cons but I landed on not renewing and sticking with OmniFocus (mainly defer dates and the responsiveness and willingness to adapt the app).

That being said, I loved the template function. CSV files, links, it was so easy to import projects. Design review, expense reports, packing lists, it was as simple as drag and drop or click a link in any notes app.

Are there any plans to release a version of OmniFocus with an integrated template function? Whether it be similar to Todoist’s (CSV or link that is imported), or within the app itself like it’s own perspective. Personally I’d prefer the later and it would mean I could quit using a 3rd party app (drafts in this case).


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OmniFocus can import TaskPaper. With a little manipulation in your spreadsheet app of choice I’m sure you could update your CSV files, and then you can continue to use those.

I wrote a Drafts Action Group which also allows you to replace placeholders when you run the script:



I use a folder called Templates containing ‘template’ projects which are set to ‘On Hold’ and have place holders like .

I copy the template project, make it active, and select its contents and Find and Replace the placeholder(s).

It’s not ideal, but it is fairly lightweight and doesn’t require an additional app, and the templates are available across platforms.

But I would love to see a built-in template feature in OmniFocus.

How do you use them on mobile? If I’m not mistaken you can’t copy and paste an “on hold” project in OF iOS.

I used do it this way too, since it’s easier than using another app and everything is exactly the way it should look when creating it. My problem is then implementation. I feel like it isn’t a huge leap from this workflow to create a default perspective where you can drag/drop or save projects or even create projects, then have OF do the leg work of copying, placing where you say, and changing the status from on hold to active.

I wrote this plugin specifically for templating on iOS.

I’ve used shortcuts and scriptable for this in the past but as this is an OmniFocus plugin it has the advantage of not requiring any external tools. It also has an the advantage of not requiring external taskpaper text in some repository where it get out of step with your current folder/project/tag structure.

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