Templates disappeared in resource browser

I have been using Omnioutliner for a while, and had no problems. Now suddenly when I open the application the resource browser is blank and shows no templates. This means I can’t open a new blank document.

How may I remedy this?

I am running Mac OS high Sierra.

Many thanks!

You should be able to restore the original templates from within the resource browser.

Click on the Action menu (the gear button dropdown) and you should find Restore at the bottom. If you mouse over Restore and then Templates, you should see the option to Restore All Templates (as well as any individual ones).

Hope this helps.

I have the same issue. A few months ago my templates disappeared. I’ve been getting by opening an existing outline and duplicating it. Today I tried this Restore Templates and that does not seem to do anything.

How can I get the templates back?

In general, you can always contact support with Help > Contact Omni.

That said, they’re kept inside the application bundle within the ‘lproj’ folder for your language. Inside there, you should see one or two template folders, depending upon whether you have the Essentials or Pro version.

If they’re not there, presumably you could re-install the app or maybe even copy them over from the installer (sorry… forgotten what the install looks like).