Templates for multiple notifications?


Just starting with OmniFocus three. My by-far favorite new feature is the infinitely flexible notifications.

I would like to request a quicker way of applying a set of notifications to an action. I like to have a lot of notifications, and having to manually set them for each to-do is tedious. I almost always want exactly the same set.

Perhaps through preset templates of notification sets, or being able to copy a set of notifications from one action to another, or something similar… Or maybe I’m missing something?

Thanks for considering.


Good idea.

These forums are great for discussion of ideas and are monitored by Omni Group staff, but the main channel for feature requests is email where they can be properly logged.

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Thanks, nostodnayr.

I did (and will again) send this by email. Duplicating it here for discussion.

To reiterate, and to add one more thought:

  1. As described above, I would like an easier way to apply multiple notifications to an action or set of actions, without having to manually create each notification on each action. Such as by copying a set of notifications from another action, or by storing preset collections of notifications (one example set: 1 hour before, 1 day before, 2 days before, 3 days before, 1 week before, 2 weeks before).
  2. On a repeating actions, please allow notifications in the past. This is so they apply for the NEXT time.
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