Templates in Applications Support Area


Since the split between the OO and OO-pro versions, I seem to have both a “templates” and a “protemplates” area within the ApplicationSupport directory. Which one is used by the software? Does it just depend on which version I’ve selected? If I’m planning to stay on the pro version, can I just delete the “templates” area?


You should actually have an “Essentials Templates” and “Pro Templates” folder. You’ll see the contents of one of them in the Resource Browser depending on what edition you’re using. During the test and trial period, you are able to switch between them. Yes, you can delete the Essentials Templates folder, though it may appear again later.

ok, thank you for the quick reply. It was named “templates,” but I just deleted it and it doesn’t seem to have caused problems. Thanks.

By the way, I know you can’t comment on release dates, but for OO, are we currently one stage or two stages before an official release? I.e., are the builds we’re currently testing the beta versions, or will there still be beta versions releases after these test versions are finished?

We no longer label builds anything beyond “test builds”. We may do a private test phase, which OO5 had, and then a public test phase which is currently in progress. Builds are automatically made available to the public without any checks from us, so stability and bugginess will vary from build to build. We do pull un-useable builds as soon as they’re discovered though.

That’s very helpful to understand. Thank you for clarifying that.