Temporal contexts

I’m finding that some of my actions have temporal constraints that I’d like capture in a context. The most common one is business hours of some place I need to buy something at. Another example would be waking hours for a phone call (especially important with international phone calls).

This is somewhat related to deferral date, but not the same because it’s not date specific - I just want the action to be available only during certain times / days of the week.

First, I wanted to see if there’s anyway to do this that I just haven’t found. If not, I’d like to start some discussion around adding this as a feature.

You can set the time that an action/group/project becomes available (e.g. Friday at 1pm), and you could use either contexts or “tags” contained within the name/notes field to further refined the list of available actions.

For example, I live in Vancouver and might want a way to see all of the phones calls that I need to make to the Europe, which is 8+ hours ahead. I could add a some text such as #Europe to either the title of the action or the note and use OmniFocus’ search feature to filter the list to only show actions that contain this tag. With the Pro version this could also be encapsulated in a Perspective such as “Phone Calls - Europe”.