Test builds about to expire?

My test build appears to be expiring in 2 days which will be a little before the ship date. Will I be able to use this test build during those interim days until I can switch to the official released version?

We recently increased the expiration window to more than a month. If yours is down to less than 2 days, you don’t have the last build. (Or something has gone wrong.)

The month expiration appeared yesterday. Thanks :)

I now have 34 days remaining on expiration, but, for future beta test please consider: 5 days can be harsh on the beta tester. Several times I was out of wifi range when the beta expired. I couldn’t access my existing database, nor could I download the new version. Just breaks the whole flow of a tool that I use to organize my life.


One of the reasons why the expiration is so short is so testers don’t end up wasting their time reporting issues that have been addressed in later builds.

If you’re often going to find yourself without wifi, I’d suggest leaving the update check set to look for new builds on a daily basis, and making sure to grab a new one whenever you think you might spend some time in the field in the immediate future. Hope that helps!

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