Test Builds Available: OmniPlan 3.12 for Mac

Test builds of OmniPlan 3.12 for Mac are now available for download!

OmniPlan 3.12 includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, including changes to the Network View — if you have feedback about any of these changes, we’d love to hear it!

Test Release Notes

OmniPlan 3.12 introduces support for viewing full task names in the Network View. This release also includes numerous bug and stability fixes.

Version 3.12 Test

  • Network View — Full tasks names are now displayed in the Network View.
  • CSV Export — CSV exports now include additional duration & export columns that display values in the smallest unit configured in the Project Formats Inspector.
  • Leveling — Leveling a project now schedules uncompleted tasks for the beginning of the next project work day (previous versions of OmniPlan 3 scheduled tasks for the begininning of the current work day when leveling).
  • Calendar Actions [PRO] — Addressed a layout issue and improved appearance in Dark Mode of the “Sync Work Hours from a Calendar” CalDAV action configuration sheet.
  • Catch Up — Text entered in the Catch Up “as of” box is no longer ignored if you click OK before hitting tab or enter.
  • CSV Import/Export — Exported CSV files now import correctly in non-English localizations.
  • Dashboard [PRO] — The Resources option in the Dashboard’s View menu now stays disabled when the option is unchecked.
  • Filters — The applied filter is no longer removed after new changes to the filter are saved.
  • Filters — Fixed a bug that could cause a “Custom” filter to be applied instead of a newly saved named filter.
  • Gantt — Group completion now redraws correctly in the Gantt when a milestone is marked complete.
  • Group Tasks — Fixed a bug that could cause group task durations to display a blank or incorrect value.
  • HTML Reports — Report templates with multiple uses of a given looping token now produce the correct output.
  • Leveling — Fixed a bug that could cause leveling involving split tasks to hang.
  • Network View — Enabling a task variable with a long title no longer causes data in task nodes to truncate.
  • Network View — The Critical Path menu item now toggles critical path state in the Network View correctly.
  • Server Accounts [PRO] — OmniPlan no longer allows capital letters in the Accounts field for Omni Sync Server accounts (Omni Sync Server account names do not support capital letters).
  • Printing — Printing now respects visible scale when Zoom has been used to adjust Gantt scale.
  • Task Inspector — Changing a task’s type in the Inspector no longer discards pending task title changes.
  • Task Notes — OmniPlan no longer allows you to attempt to paste an image into the Notes field (the Notes field does not support images, and this could trigger a crash).
  • Templates — Fixed a bug using the “Edit a Copy” option in the Templates Preference pane.
  • Undetermined Date Entry — OmniPlan now supports entering “T-” for task dates in projects with undetermined dates.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur after removing license keys.
  • Stability — Sorting resources by resource type no longer causes OmniPlan to crash.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting OmniPlan without sending an in-progress feedback email.
  • Stability — Improved overall app stability.
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