Test builds gone quiet?

After upgrading I’ve been running the test builds, but when I went to update today to the latest build I get bounced to the omni landing page. Just wondering if the test builds are going quiet for now, or what the deal is. Also, the best route to go back the standard omni 2 builds (I don’t think I have the .dmg anymore)

Happy to help! Yes, there will be periods when there’s no test build available. When that happens, customers that purchased through our store can download/install the most recent stable build from our website; customers who got their copy on the Mac App Store can use the “Purchases” tab to do so.

I do not see the “countdown” to when I need to download a new testbuild any longer, so that gives me the feeling that I am on a stable version now (2.0.2) ?

However the icon in the app bar (down below on my screen) is looking test-ish.
Isn’t that suppose to be a “clean icon” now?

Note: I have only updated through the “test track”.

Does this imply that OmniFocus2 is feature complete? If not, if there a mechanism (specific forum thread, etc.) for people who haven’t upgraded yet to keep track of new features, in order to know when outstanding issues are addressed?

(Still hoping for status-based styles, and a return of the “switch” button.)

Was testing the latest build every day, but found myself consistently switching back to OF1 for the sake of productivity. Perhaps my workflow is too ingrained, but I consistently found more tasks I had missed and far less friction getting stuff done with OF1 vs OF2.

Very willing (and hopeful) to upgrade to OmniFocus2 when missing features from OF1 are implemented.

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Good question! The 2.0.2 release is complete, but that doesn’t imply that we’re done with version 2 updates - just that one release.

One of the things we did on the old forums was post a new thread that linked to the release notes of each new version - I’ll talk to folks on the OmniFocus team and see if we can adopt something like that here, as well. Thanks!

I’ve seen the Dock icon - the one down at the bottom of the screen that you mentioned - sometimes get out of sync with the one in the application itself. It usually sorts itself out before too long; if that doesn’t happen, though, contact omnifocus@omnigroup.com and we’ll be happy to help.

You can also open the OmniFocus menu and select “About OmniFocus”. Compare the highlighted number in the screenshot below against the one in your own copy. If yours is showing a number that’s smaller than the one in the screenshot, you’ll want to update.

If you need to update, you’ll want to grab the most recent build from the “Download” link on this page of our website or through the “Updates” tab of the Mac App Store if that’s where you purchased your license. Hope this helps!

Thanks for answering.
I had the correct version and the dock icon is looking correct now, but I had to remove it from dock and put it there again to make that happen.