TestFlight "Beta Feedback" or Support?

For those of you using TestFlight builds, do you submit feedback using the beta feedback option? That’s what I have been doing, but I’m a little unsure of whether that is actually read? To date, I have never received a follow-up question or any acknowledgment from anything I’ve sent through there. More, recently, just as a test, I submitted a feedback simply asking them to reply if they received it, but I’ve not gotten anything back.

In contrast, before I was on the beta builds, my bug reports to the main support channel were always actively engaged with. I am quite happy to submit detailed reports, with repros, screenshots, and videos, so long as I feel that they are actually being looked at. I’m thinking of going back to sending that to Support, despite “beta feedback” seeming like the right choice.


Following the topic

I e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com

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Email to our support team is always the best way to reach us, so it goes into our tracking system and can be distributed to team members. We try to respond to all such email within one business day.

Our support team doesn’t have access to feedback that is sent through TestFlight itself, and those of us who do have access don’t have a way to track messages that have been submitted that way (to know which bits of feedback may have already been seen and handled).


Thanks, Ken. That’s the clarification I was looking for, and I’ll write Support directly from now on.

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