Text Background Color

Dear OmniOutliners

I’m not a complete beginner, but I am not able to change this background color of a text label to no-color/transparent or any other color and I tried half an hour for sure :-D

Any ideas?

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I add a box underneath with the right background color and I group them.

That can happen if you paste in text with a background. To fix it, select the range of text with the background in the text tool and choose Show Fonts.

Then in Fonts, choose the dropdown which is for strikethrough (and background) indicated here:

and select None from the dropdown menu InsideMenu.

Hope that helps! If you are pasting in text, choose Paste and Match Style instead of Paste for an easier way to get text without the background.


Did you ever get an answer to this? I spent the last half hour with the same issue (I think).