Text being added to the shape it is placed on


Is there a way to turn off the following behaviour:

When I have a shape on the canvas, and then add text on top of the shape, it is automatically joining the text to the shape. I use OG for wireframing and I need to add lots of text on top of shapes, but I don’t want the shapes to take possession of it!

Thanks in advance,

Hmm, not sure about your workflow steps. When I add a shape and subsequently add text to the drawing, I can do this to the shape or not by clicking the text tool and than clicking the target in the drawing. If I click the shape as target, the text is part of the shape. If I click outside the text is ‘stand alone’. When I move the ‘stand alone’ text on top of the shape, the two remain separate - you will need to group them to move them together.

Is that different from what you do?

Thanks for your reply. This is helpful, as I did not realise that I could add unattached text by adding it outside the shape first! This makes sense now. Thanks!