Text Disappearing When Typing

This is annoying: I type an item in a list, I don’t hit enter right away… thinking about next item. The item I just typed disappears. This did not happen in prior versions. Running the latest OF2 on a MPB with the latest Yosemite. Any ideas on how to fix this? Hitting enter right away cures it, but then another item begins and I then have to delete than if I don’t need a new item.

Sorry, may I ask again? You type, then you stop hitting any buttons- and out of the blue your typing vanishes?

If so, then this is truly strange behaviour I am not able to reproduce. What happened to me a couple of times though was that I was hitting escape out of routine, which, in modern mode (settings) is cancelling the entry. This one happened to me in the beginning quite often, eventually, the message sunk in deep that escape is cancelling and return is accepting- just as I write this it feels so stupid because that’s exactly what the buttons on our keyboards are there for, right?

So if your post is referring to this new behaviour and you are not willing to adapt to this new keyboard feature, then you’re in good company and the remedy is built right into the front page of settings/General: just switch from “modern” to “classic” and you’ll be fine, no deletions any more.