Text folding on OO5 Pro

The web site claims that text folding is supported in OO5 Pro, but I can’t find any description or reference in the current (web) documentation. Is it supported, and if so, how does one use it?

Is this talking about clicking the disclosure triangles to hide child rows?

The menu item you’re looking for is View > Show Full Row Text. You can set it to “Always” (so you always see the full text of a row), or “When Editing” (so the text is “folded” to only show the first line until you start editing).

Ah ha! Makes perfect sense, but I don’t think I would have made the association. Thanks.

I had previously glossed over this feature when I saw it. This thread prompted me to consider it more closely: it is a subtle and elegant feature that really fits into the philosophy of using OO to provide a very screen-efficient display of potentially a lot of material.

Which begs the question of whether a similar feature will be available in the future iOS Pro version. I actually use the iOS version of OO the most because I find portable use of OO is very useful. I use the macOS version for bulk editing and production.