Text wrapping problem in Compact mode [A: compact mode is work-in-progress.]


How do I get text to flow onto a new line when the task decryption is too long for the column?

It shows this during editing but not in the outline after that, they are all truncated.

I don’t want to expand the column until they all view because it would be to wide.

I found a topic in the old forum saying how to do this for OmniPlan 1 so it must be possible?


In OmniFocus 2, task text should wrap automatically, regardless of whether or not you’re editing:

If you’re having trouble getting your task titles to wrap, it would be great if you could post some screenshots so that other forum users can understand your issue better. (And if you need a guaranteed response from Omni, remember that sending us an email is the best way to get one.)

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Teki I have found it happens at certain widths and not at others. If I slowly drag the window wider, there are moments where you get “Th…” and then as you keep going the wrap comes back

Here are some samples:

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Remember that Compact Mode is a sneak peek at a work in progress. Can you confirm the same bug outside of Compact Mode?


Just tested this … the text does not wrap in Compact mode, but does wrap in standard.