TextExpander Currently Broken (OO for iOS 2.11.1)

If anyone wants TextExpander to be put on the priority list of bug fixes, definitely send the Omni Group an email. With the last two OO for iOS updates (currently 2.11.1), new or updated snippets are no longer updated after you update your snippets from the Settings menu.

I filed a bug with Omni, and they said the same issue is happening on their end, but I’m not sure where it lands on the priority list of bug fixes.

Omni fans, if you don’t mind, try to replicate the bug on your end and send them a bug report. I love this feature, and the 3rd party keyboard option doesn’t cut it when you’re so used to the embedded snippets. :)

I was going to reply that you can always use the Textexpander keyboard, but fortunately I tested that first. The Textexpander keyboard doesn’t expand when used in apps like Mail and Notes. Typed text appears, but expansion doesn’t happen. It would seem that the Textexpander keyboard is now useless: it appears to be just a generic keyboard that doesn’t recognize the underlying snippet, but that is a separate problem.

To further test this, I added a new snippet, refreshed all Textexpander-aware apps, and it showed up in Ulysses and Drafts, but not OO. It looks like when the snippets are refreshed, but somehow aren’t getting written into the app cache for snippets.

We can only hope the OO team will take time to look into this, but I think they are fully focused on the OO 3.0 introduction, and we may have to wait until then.

TextExpander has been haphazard for a while for me in OmniOutliner and in OmniFocus. Some snippets work, some do not. Doesn’t matter how often I restart it refresh the snippets via the menu entry.
I certainly hope this is fixed in the upcoming version 3. It would be a feature that I for one would like to see. One off upgrades and subscription make software expensive either way. It’s great when they work as advertised.

I have the same problem in that TextExpander snippets are not working via the integration between OO and TextExpander; however, unlike what @geezering is experiencing, when I use the TextExpander keyboard I have no problem getting snippets to expand. Perhaps, @geezering, you do not have “allow full access” enabled on the iOS keyboard settings?

Thanks: that fixed it for the Textexpander keyboard. Apparently when I upgraded to iOS 11 that got reset.

I hate using third-party keyboards because of the well-known privacy hole. So, I rarely use it, and only for brief periods in which I’m making use of the snippets heavily.

You are welcome. By the way, I don’t love third-party keyboards, and I use them as judiciously as you do. The TextExpander keyboard is particularly awful at being used for anything but expanding snippets. Still, as long as I have apps that need snippets expanded (and no app-based integration), I’ll be using and enduring that keyboard!

Yes, using the TE keyboard does the trick but it’s a shame that it doesn’t work ‘natively’ inside OO as that is easier with adding text in a hurry. Would be nicer if all the snippets worked after a refresh of the button in prefs, but it’s not the end of the world I suppose.

This is currently fixed in the OO for iOS 3 Beta.