Textexpander missing?

I just downloaded Omnifocus 2 for iPad after watching the screencasts of the software in YouTube. I was especially excited about the Textexpander feature, but upon download found it missing.

Do I need to do something special to activate this feature?

You’ll need to have the TextExpander app installed – OmniFocus integrates with that app to synchronize your saved expansion snippets, among other things. Have you checked that your iPad has that app downloaded from the App Store?

Is there a specific Textexpander app or one branded by Omnifocus? I purchased Omnifocus from the iOS AppStore.

This is the TextExpander app on the iTunes store.

Purchase this and you can have an iOS keyboard that will work in any iOS app.


Thanks everyone. I didn’t a little more research and found out they the builtin Textexpander in iOS works in OF. Glad to save 4 bucks after paying for OF2 for iPad and going pro.

But the app allows you to use it in every other other text editing app. The TextExpander keyboard will be available in other apps such as Drafts, Pages, Numbers, and other times when you have to enter text.


I’m finding the stock iOS keyboard shortcuts option does the same. It’s worked in every app I’ve tried so far.

Text replacement

You can add as many short cuts as you want - even pretty long phrases.

If you couldn’t mind, can you explain how the textexpander app is different? I may be missing some functionality and not even know it.

It does not only expand text, but also can make calculations, and all sort of powerful/interesting stuff.
I suggest you head to the link above suggested by @wilsonng or visit their website for more info ;-)

You won’t be able to do this in the stock iOS keyboard:

Type “ddate” and it will enter today’s date.
Type “ttime” and you get the current time.

Type “+3D” and it will type the date that is 3 days later.

Your text expander shortcuts can transfer between macs and iOS devices.

Oh wow! You’ve definitely opened my eyes. I only have OF 2 on my iPad, but this software would be useful in many of my laptop/desktop activities. Thanks for sharing!