Thank you for the copy-pasting of plain text lists

I was able to copy-paste a very long list of actions into OmniFocus and it created individual actions. The reverse was also possible when I needed to search-replace the list externally in vim.

Just wanted to write in and say thank you for that feature. So fast, easy, and intuitive.

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How quickly this turned into a feature request…

I found this doesn’t work nicely for nested actions. If you have a tree of actions, they are all pasted flat. In the same way, if you have a tabbed tree of plain-text actions, they paste into OmniFocus as a single level.

Please make copy/pasting plain text preserve relative action depth with tabs or spaces.

Email OmniFocus Support with this link to vote if this feature is important to you.


When I saw your first post, I thought: Pasting lists into Omnifocus is great, I just wish that we could do it in the IOS versions too. Now we can! In Omnifocus 2.7 for IOS it is possible to create individual actions by pasting lists (using tap and hold on an existing action).

I know this thread is over 2 years old, but this post came up before all else in search engine results, so I’d just like to mention here:

You can have nested actions, and append notes to any of those actions, and more.

See Ken Case’s post here for all the details.

If you’d like to test some of this right away, try copying this text and pasting it into a project, with an action in the project already selected when you paste:

  • test action 1a
    note for action 1a
  • test action 2
    • test action 2a (indented)
      note for 2a
    • test action 2b
    • test action 2c