Thanks for 3.11.4! Any chance of squashing this bug with pasted URLs?

Thanks for today’s update to 3.11.4!

Any chance of squashing the bug whereby URLs pasted into Notes do not open the correct page, please?

I’m not sure the specifics of the bug you’re referencing, but the best way to make sure it’s on our roadmap is to email details about it to our support team at so your feedback can get added to our issue tracker. Thanks!

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Thanks, Ken - have done so :-)


  • in/from, say, Safari (in my case 14.0.3 on 11.2.1) select all of a URL
  • paste it into OmniFocus (in my case 3.11.4) Notes
  • select a different URL, also from a browser, or any source
  • paste it too into OmniFocus Notes - even after a space + Cmnd S - to separate the two URLs
  • no guarantee that clicking on either URL string as shown will open the correct URL in a browser; it will launch the default browser if it’s not open - but it’s still necessary to copy and paste each text string into a browser window manually for the correct page to be displayed

Good luck!

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