Thanks for the new Shortcuts actions with V3.5

Just wanted to say thanks and that I love you.


I’m actually having trouble wrapping my head around these. What is everyone using them for?

Well, here’s the most useful thing I use Shortcuts for, related to OmniFocus:

The new Shortcuts actions now allow me to offer the user for specify a destination for output beyond just the Inbox.

And across the board, within other shortcuts of mine that are too specific to me to share, i can now allow a task to be added without having to interact with a pop-up from OmniFocus.

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Anyone know how to work around an error about not being able to convert from text to project?
I’d like to be able to point to a variable as the project name in an “Add Item” action.

I’d create a new thread, maybe! Folks might not see this.

Where do you get the new shortcuts from? Are they in OF itself or downloaded from somewhere else?

These are Shortcuts Actions for the Shortcuts app on iOS and iPadOS.

The actions are added when you install 3.5.

You can use a variable if it has the OmniFocus database object type, which for right now means knowing your target project’s identifier. We’ll be adding a Find Projects shortcut action that will let you do this using the project name instead, but for now you’ll probably want to continue using the older Add OmniFocus Item shortcut action if you need to specify a project using a variable.


Superb. Thanks so much for clarifying that for me. I’ll rely on Reminders capture for now until then, so it won’t prompt me to edit in OmniFocus.
That’ll be sweet when the new action is ready.

Many thanks

Is it feasible to find that identifier in the Omnifocus app and paste it into a shortcut?

I don’t see a reason why you would do that, because you could already select the project by name when you set up the variable.

Unless you’re talking about polling the database to discover the identity of a particular project by name, which I don’t think is possible right now.

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Yes, if you have the identifier you can use it as the primaryKey in Get Database Object from Input, and then use the resulting object in Add Item.

But @Hal9K is correct that there’s no way to query for project IDs currently (we’re planning on fixing that soon).

EDIT: I may have been misinformed about this. I’m researching now and will check back in.

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