The application "OmniPresenceLauncher" is not open anymore

I have two Macs - an iMac (Catalina) and an MBP (BigSur). Both run OmniFocus all the time and OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle occasionally.

Whenever I restart the MBP (and just the MBP) I get the message “The application “OmniPresenceLauncher” is not open anymore” in a small Finder message window.

This has no impact on anything, the OmniPresence cloud in the status bar is alive and well, and everything is in sync.

But it is annoying!!

Anyone have any clues?


So, no interest after 18 days! I think I know why…

Am I right in thinking OmniPresence is a legacy file sync solution which has no real purpose in 2021?

The reason I ask is I thought I would try deleting OP and reinstalling it. When I deleted it I realised OF was still synching away quite merrily, and my OP folder (with some legacy OG and OO files was still there, just no longer attached to OP).

So I think I just leave it off forever and move the files in the OP folder to somewhere sensible in Dropbox or iCloud.

Have I got that right?!

Thanks in advance

I’d like to know, too. I’m getting these same alerts on OS startup about half the time.

I have found a solution for you @tantramar @amjbrown

Find your Launch Agents Folder and delete any file with a filename that has Omni in it. Also look into the Launch Demons Folder and delete any file with a filename that has Omni in it.

Do a simple google search on how to find these folders and it should work.

Alternatively, if you have CleanMyMac software then launch it go to Optimisation > Launch Agents > find filename with Omni In it and delete that file.

Restart your Mac and you shouldn’t see that stupid error anymore :D

I hated that error and decided to help out. Hope it works and have a great life :)


Would love someone from Omni Group to chime in here. I don’t like the idea of randomly deleting entries in Launch Agents without knowing if is necessary.

Restarted MAC and it works! Thank you!

Fixed it. The way you fix a cat: deleted OmniPresenceLauncher and moved OmniPresence files to iCloud Drive. Boom.

I love cats but I did the same!

The best answer is here:

OmniPresence is a legacy solution for syncing documents across devices. OmniPresence works on most web hosts, including macOS Server, which means you can store all of your data yourself, or you can pair it up with our own Omni Sync Server for free, secure syncing.

Omni recommends syncing current versions of OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, and OmniPlan via iCloud Drive. Learn more about setting up iCloud Drive.

I couldn’t find any of the files in my Libraries that are referenced above. I like this solution better – one less background app to run ;-)