The Continuing PITA that is Archiving

Some days, one just wishes that a common sense “let’s fix this” approach would finally prevail.

  • We still cannot archive on a project-by-project basis.
  • We cannot copy folders from the main database and paste them manually into the archive.
  • When we manually copy a project that is nested in sub-folders to the archive, we still get a plethora of dummy folders at the root level created in the archive.

What started many (many) years ago as frustration with the illogic and bugs to use the archive process in OF has turned into an ongoing reminder that, when we use software, we are reliant on the good graces that developers will appreciate how they might apply themselves to assure the integrity of their product even to a nuanced level and even when the need is not necessarily the loudest squeaky wheel on their support list.



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I’ve never bothered with archiving but I’ve noted that export actually behaves differently depending on the file type. Exporting as plain text (i.e. OF TaskPaper) or CSV exports only the displayed / focused items. But exporting as an OF backup file exports everything.

@DrJJWMac Is the root cause of your frustration your wish to:

  • not partially archive active projects (in order to refer to their entire contents/structure)?
  • be able to refer to fully completed projects for a certain period of time?
  • or both?

I want two things:

  • I want to select a Folder or Folders or select a Project or Projects and have a (context menu) method to Move Selections to Archive. I want that process to respect the folder hierarchy when it moves the object(s) from the main database to the archive database.

  • After the above feature is implemented, I want to be able to disable the notice asking me to archive completed Tasks.


I get this, but what is your underlying workfkow need — to keep an entire consistent project in your main database for a period of time?

Yes. I need a Folder (not just a Project), regardless of its level of completeness, to remain accessible (in my main database) until I decide to move it to an archive as an entire folder or project.

So, in answer to your starting question, my workflow demands both options.

To be clear, I am not interested in learning alternative implementations to hack together a method to achieve my madness (e.g. via “secondary archive databases” or using AppleScript). For once after many years, I want the Archive option in OF to function as more than just a way to “clear out completed items so that the sync runs faster”.


This sounds very like the process that Curio (of which I think you’re also a user) provides?

If so, I very much support the request

I join in, strongly supporting these concerns. My job means that my database grows quite fast (many PDFs, comming in via OF-Mail-to-Action from a PC). That’s why I have to regularly outsource to the archive. I would like to have much more control doing this.

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