The grouped items in Inbox cannot be folded anymore?

Hi I am a deep user of omnifocus app. After updating from 2 to 3, I noticed all the items which were folded in inbox are expanded. Then the inbox become ‘chaos’.

Is it intended to re-designed like this to push people move items out of inbox? As previously I put some daily notifications in inbox then it can be viewed everyday whenever I clean inbox. This is not a good habits. However I need a place to put this kind of things like ‘be concentrated when studying’ or ‘Treat yourself like someone you really care about.’ to remind me. And these cannot be set as todos, as they are relates to status and peace of mind not a work item to solve.

Maybe I can get some advice from this forum and Thanks in advance. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes

I usually tag these tasks with something like “Today” or “Focus”. Then I have a custom perspective that shows all of these tasks that I want to bring my attention to. I try to get everything out of my inbox. It’s like my dinner plate. I want to clear it off before washing it and putting it away.

I agree you are right. However this is a downgrade and it makes the iOS app look messy. I added twenty items in inbox and these cannot be folded though they are belonged to one parent work item. Then when I added other items to inbox, they are at the bottom. And I need scroll down to find them. If people only want to use Omnifocus to manage some daily todos, it is ok. However it is really hard to manage projects.

The only reason I suspect is Omnigroup want to sell Mac version Omnifocus. Without folding it is really hard to manage items in inbox of iOS version omnifocus.

A number of users have sent an e-mail to to feature request collapsible action groups in the iOS app. It is definitely needed. Send your email and hopefully it will push it up the voting tally for the Omni developers to get it out sooner. 🤞🏻

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I am still on OF2, but what I do is there is I import the tasks into a projects called “InboxAlias” and then I am organiizing all of my Inbox tasks by month. In this way I can also (sub)group severel tasks.

Thanks. Already sent an email.

I also noticed there is no start time (defer time) in the app anymore.

There are so many changes in the latest version. :(

It’s still there albeit hidden. From the inspector, tap on ‘Show More’ to see all the inspector fields. You can then customise it so that duration is always visible if you prefer it that way.

Thanks a lot.

One problem has been solved. :)

The term ‘start date’ has now been changed to ‘deferred date.’ It still serves the same function. Some people get tripped over the change in terms and it takes a while to get used to the label ‘defer date.’

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