The long and winding road to OmniFocus

As of today, March 1st, I’m committing to at least a year of using OF. I used Nozbe Personal for almost four years and then, 18 or so months ago, got the itch to try something different. I spent these last 18 months trying (and sometimes paying for) almost every app out there. It was fun at first but recently just became frustrating.

I’ve been a practicing GTDer since 2009 but I’m kind of fussy, I guess. I used to be more of a puritan GTDer but recently have started to explore things not in the GTD bible - the day list, for example. I’m still very close to the methodology but find that most apps “say” they adhere to GTD but really do not.

I’ve lived most of my life as a PC person. At work, it is a Microsoft shop all the way. A few years ago I switched from an Android phone to an iPhone. Then last year I got an iPad (7th gen 10.2). Hmmm. Then we had this old iMac at home (Late 2012) that no one was using anymore. I work from home now and thought: let’s bring the iMac into my office. I have a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 for work.

One thing I really prefer is cross-platform tools. I want to access my task manager from anywhere. This was the reason I ignored OmniFocus for the longest time. “I’m not an Apple guy and OF is Mac only; why bother” But now I ended up with all these Apple products: phone, iPad, old iMac, pencil. AND there is a web version of OF.

The web version tipped me over the edge: I can use OmniFocus at home AND in a work environment through the web. Started playing around with it last fall. Yes, no, Yes, no … but here we are: new month. Tired of trying a million apps. OmniFocus it is!



Wellcome to an integrated Mac World, and Omni World!
These guys from Omni really got excelent apps. You should try at least the demos and fill it by yourself if they fit your way of live. I’m very happy with OmniFocus, OmniOutliner and OmniGrafle.

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