The mystery of the Truncated Text

Yesterday, in a rather inebriated state, I made the upgrade to Pro, so now I’m looking for reasons. The one Pro feature that seems useful to me out of the gate is Truncated Row Text, but I can’t get it to work. I think.

Judging by the ani-Gif on the info page, it’s a kind of focus mode that expands whatever is selected and collapses the rest. That would be lovely, but the only thing close to that I can find is View -> Row Text -> “Collapse when not editing”.

While that does truncate the titles to one line, it doesn’t collapse the notes (not completely anyway, it leaves about 1.2 lines visible). Also, it only shows the whole thing when I press ESC to edit, not when I just browse through, so I end up clicking more than before.

So… either I misunderstand the Truncated Row Text feature, or there is something I’m not seeing.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Truncated Row Text referred to in What’s in Pro is indeed “Collapse When Not Editing”. If you’re not editing, then the text won’t be expanded, so simply browsing through isn’t enough to display the text; you’ll notice that in that GIF, the cursor is moving through the rows.

It’s a feature that I find very useful when composing prose, but not quite as useful when building reference documents; fortunately, it’s a per-document setting, so you can use it where you like!

If you are seeing more than one row of text, it may be related to your line height; do you have it set to something more than the default of 1.1x?

That’s unfortunate. But thanks for replying :)

Happy to help!

Emailing us with ideas on how you’d like to see something work differently is always welcome; when we’re looking at feature improvements or additions, customer ideas are very helpful!