The new forum is very slow but OF2 is very fast

I’m finding that ironic. It’s taking minutes for this new forum to load and let me in; it says there are two posts here already but I can’t get to them – and I’ve just had the big yellow pop-up telling me how to write. Not keen on that – oh! now I’ve had the big blue popup saying that my post is similar to about seven previous ones.

It isn’t. Nope, just looked through them and none of the seven are similar to this in any way other than mentioning OmniFocus, being written in this forum, being in English…

Okay, so the forum will doubtlessly get better. I really just wanted to say that I am relishing the new OmniFocus beta. I’m running it on a rather slow MacBook yet it is flying on here. Adore it.

And you should notice it running much, much faster now!

It’s ridiculously fast now. :smiley:

Ooooh! You’re right: it’s much, much faster. Excellent.