The New Item is Hidden by the Current View Options

I’m finding this very frustrating to use. I’m trying to use my keyboard to navigate and add tasks, but i’m Constantly being told “the new item is hidden by the current view”.

Whenever i hit “Command - N” it makes the new action in my Inbox and NOT the Project i’m Viewing.

It will work if i use my finger and click on the project so that there is nothing else visible… but i can’t navigate that deep with the keyboard.

I can navigate through my folders, then i can see a list of projects, with all the actions visible - why can’t i add actions form this view? I have the project selected (it’s highlighted).

I’m running the latest iPad version.

I neglected to mention that i’m Viewing in Projects mode and the view is set to “Remaining”

Reading through the manual, i can see that indeed I NEED to click on the items in the Sidebar in order to be able to add a task.

But the problem still remains that i can not use my keyboard to navigate the Sidebar. (Unless i’m Missing something?) Did nobody think to use the ‘left’ and ‘right’ keys for anything?

This entire situation will be greatly improved once the keyboard gets more attention. I have no doubt that it will, especially if you consider the amount of love that OmniOutliner 3 for iOS got in that regard.

It’s not explicitly stated on the roadmap for this year, but it may still make it. An email will help them to know how much this matters to you.

I also get this message when organizing in Projects mode by dragging and dropping. The alert comes up telling me an item is hidden, then when I dismiss the alert I can see it’s nit hidden at all.