The Onslaught of Spam Has Begun

Holy cow! Perhaps a decent spam filter is needed for the forum as you have been overrun with spam. Dozen upon dozens of useless messages about Gmail support numbers are ruining everything. I feel like I’m drowning here!

Binning posts with phone numbers in the title would catch most of them :-)

Since I posted this topic about an hour ago, it looks like 20 more spam posts have landed. Wow! No, wait… make that 23 now.

We deleted a ton yesterday and today, all from unique accounts / email addresses / IP addresses—so we’re going to need to teach Discourse some new spam-fighting tricks since what it supports now clearly isn’t effective!

Yeah, I’ve been reading about options, but finding options for Discourse (in my limited research) has been difficult. Plenty of people asking for options, but not many out there.

more and more spam is coming through this forum… I don’t know why anyone benefits by sending spam about “norton antivirus tech support numbers” but is there anything you guys can do?

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